As from the very start, Chialin began making various kinds of connector terminals with accumulated experiences and ever improved technology which are important for fine pitch, complicated structure. Accurate die design and press know-how have made it possible to produce 0.5mm fine pitch.

Terminal Bandolier Pin Car&Industry

  • T940119A1100A Crimping terminal: The crimping design that can contain the cable inside.
  • TM08016A1100A Press fit terminal: The shape like fish eye which is much more stronger to make sure the high reliability and contact accuracy
  • TM09170A1500A Highly complicated designed terminal: Follow customer requirement to make complicated terminal and might have crimping/ star mark or other complicated design in one pin. The pin is design for car connector.
  • 41-39047-001Industrial design terminal: The design is for professional scalpel that requires high accuracy.
  • 80-11783-002 Battery connector female type: That is designed for laptop usage. The two contact points makes sure completely contact with battery.
  • 80-11782-002 Battery connector male type
  • TM08001A110A Connector with spring design: usually design for card connector to make sure the care and the connector can be contacted appropriately
  • TM08061A1101 Bended terminal: bend the terminal in contact area to make sure the contact area can be touched.