As from the very start, Chialin began making various kinds of connector terminals with accumulated experiences and ever improved technology which are important for fine pitch, complicated structure. Accurate die design and press know-how have made it possible to produce 0.5mm fine pitch.

Bandolier Pin Car&Industry Terminal

  • S32457101450 Standard Square Pin: The pins are us in power connector, car connector and other board connector. The character of the pin is easy to contact.
  • S374243702 Square Pin with Star: There is a star shape on the Pin to make sure the pin can be fixed in the right position.
  • S375014203 Square Pin with Waist: To make the waist on the pin to make sure the pin can be connected in the appropriate position.
  • S255421246025 Pre-plating Square Pin: Follow customer requirements to adopt all kinds of pre-plating wires to make the square pi.
  • S5642418508 Square Pin with needle: To sharp the point to make is easy to fix and contact .
  • S37531444508Round Pin with square area: That is the round pin but shape to the square area on the other side. That is to enlarge the contact area.
  • R10113886106 Standard Round Pin: Round require more complicated process.